My dear H


I can sense what you felt.


I don't usually spend much time in front of the mirror.


But this morning, while looking at it, I asked myself :


When did all these lines start creeping over my used to be silky face?


When did the neck skin become looser and looser? and eyelids began dooping?


Who is this woman?


For a second, I felt a little sad and wondered how all those years passed by ?


The next second, I felt lucky for myself as I don't have much chance looking at Me.


When closing eyes, I could hardly recall how I look, so what even getting ugly?


I only felt sorry for my husband and daughter as they are forced to see me from time to time.


However, this old woman, though physically deteriorating, is mentally growing and keeping young.


Had I died next minute, wouldn't I have any regrets?


Not seeing my children getting married?

No, they are grown up and know how to take care of themselves.


Never get a chance to see my grandchildren?

Better not, this world is becoming worse, not a good place to raise new lives.


How about my husband?

If he outlives me, he can find a new partner to care him, I wish him good luck.


So what else will I be worrying about?  Nothing!


Let's live everyday to its full.


Do whatever we like and leave no regrets.


Love you ,




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